Coding: a Growth Mindset

Well, it’s finally here! The students have returned and the school is full of life again. I don’t know about you all, but I’m a big Sci-Fi nerd and the start of school always reminds me of the book ... Continue reading

Summer Interns

BY Michelle Shorter 9/4/18 6:28 AM


Over the summer, SparkFun was lucky enough to have 2 great engineering interns. We didn't make them bring us coffee, but we did dropped them off in basically every department in the building to learn ... Continue reading

How to Make your Own Teaching Videos

Alright, this is the post you’ve all been waiting for! In this post, I’m going to talk to you about creating your own content videos. Why? Because although there are some great videos and series out ... Continue reading

LED Color Mixing with the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit

One of the best things about the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) is that the parts are completely reusable. The projects outlined in the included guidebook don’t require any soldering, allowing the ... Continue reading

Datalogging with the micro:bit Part 2

In the first installment of this short series on data logging with the micro:bit we looked at how to use the SparkFun OpenLog to log data to a microSD card over a longer period of time. The OpenLog ... Continue reading

Adjusting Current Units to Incorporate Computer Science

Welcome back everybody! I am your obnoxiously tall tour guide through this whole CS and Education thing, and today we will be covering the topic of customizing your curriculum to inject some computer ... Continue reading

One Cool Project to Adapt to the Classroom for Design Thinking

A few teachers have recently asked me about ways to engage students with digital fabrication tools like the 3D printer and laser cutter. Many schools have invested in these tools but the curriculum ... Continue reading

E-Textiles Shine in These Summer Programs

E-textiles, also known as soft circuits or sewable electronics, are a great way to blend art and design topics with STEM . Today we are highlighting three summer programs using LilyPad sewable ... Continue reading

Fun, High Quality, Coding Technique

Editor's note: We're excited to bring you this series of guest posts from Shane Diller. Read on to learn more about Shane and how he approaches teaching Arduino. Howdy everybody, if you’ve read ... Continue reading

SparkFun AVC 2018: One Month Away!

BY Megan Arnold 8/7/18 6:26 AM


AVC is one month away! September 7 & 8 @ Boulder County Fairgrounds SparkFun AVC 2018 marks the event’s tenth anniversary this year, and to celebrate we’ve put together an awesome event for our ... Continue reading