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Robotics on a Budget: The $40 Robot

We’re all aware that schools are cracking down on budgets these days. But yet - they still want you to incorporate STEM into your classes. Well, how are you supposed to do that with little to no ... Continue reading

Bring Computer Science to Your Class with 14 Week micro:bit Curriculum

We understand that adding computer science into the classroom can be a hard and daunting task, especially when you have so many standards to teach already - who has the time!? Through a recent ... Continue reading

Calling all Colorado educators - Don’t miss Rock CS! Rocky Mountain Computer Science Conference for P-12 Educators

There’s an exciting new computer science conference coming to Colorado this summer, Rock CS. Created by Adams 12 Five Star Schools and St. Vrain Valley School District, Rock CS is funded by the ... Continue reading

Are Electronic Maker Carts the Future of Maker Education?

We are hearing a growing buzz in the maker education community around maker carts. These carts provide a flexible way to implement hands-on STEAM education in schools and districts without placing ... Continue reading

The Trials and Tribulations of Technology in the Classroom

BY Shelby Landsman 7/11/17 6:24 AM

Maker Education

I recently had the opportunity to sit through a professional development class we hosted for a local school at the SparkFun office. While I was listening in, one thing that was brought up really ... Continue reading

When It Comes to Maker Education, We All Have Plenty to Learn

BY Shelby Landsman 3/2/17 10:46 AM

Maker Education

My first couple months at SparkFun have been full of tinkering and learning. Before joining SparkFun, I knew what STEAM was and knew that I wanted to be a part of the awesome movement in maker ... Continue reading

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