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Axel Reitzig is currently the Robotics and Computer Science Coordinator at the Innovation Center of the St. Vrain Valley School District, where he teaches robotics and facilitates student project teams. These teams work on client-based projects for organizations like the Denver Zoo and include aquatic robotics, human-robot interaction and robotics leadership. Axel also coordinates robotics and computer science programming in the St. Vrain Valley Schools, with a focus on supporting the district’s competitive VEX program, facilitating teacher professional development, managing grants and collaborating on curriculum development. Additionally, he finds and develops partnerships with businesses and universities to build the district’s relationships with external community partners and to ensure that work in the district aligns with these partners’ needs and interests.
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Engagement is the Foundation of Future Success

BY Axel Reitzig 5/21/19 6:37 AM

Guest Post STEM

For the past year, my colleagues and I have been getting comfortable in our new home, the Innovation Center of St. Vrain Valley Schools. Our program is fairly new to the district. Our primary mission ... Continue reading

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