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Brian Huang is the Education Engineer for SparkFun Electronics, an open-source hardware and electronics education company. Brian started his career as an electrical engineer, but early on, he spent time volunteering and teaching at science museums. He quickly discovered a passion for teaching and working with students - especially in a place that fostered the “wow” factor of inquiry and discovery. In 2007, Brian left engineering to pursue a career in education. Brian has taught various levels of high school science and mathematics for 5 years before joining the team at SparkFun.
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Getting Started Resources for Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small, single-board computer that is about the size of a deck of cards. It is a computer and not a microcontroller. You can connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor to a Raspberry ... Continue reading

Use SketchUp Like an Arcade Game: DIY Hot Key Buttons

Around this time last year, SparkFun worked with a team from SketchUp to design and build a Corn Hole game with an integrated LED score counter. This design made its debut at the 2016 SketchUp ... Continue reading

Reasons Why I Love Teachers (and Teaching)

BY Brian Huang 5/9/17 6:05 AM
Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Today, and this entire week, we are celebrating teachers and educators. Just over four years ago, I left the classroom to join SparkFun as the Education Engineer. ... Continue reading

Quick Arduino Drum Machine Music Maker

BY Brian Huang 4/20/17 6:27 AM

Arduino teaching tools

This is a quick guide to using an old Arduino Shield called the Musical Instrument Shield. It gives your Arduino the ability to play a whole series of different notes and instruments — just like an ... Continue reading

Internet of Chickens: IoT intersects with the backyard chicken movement

The term Internet of Things (IoT) is buzzing all around. From the smartphones in our pockets to the thermostats, doorbells and lights in our houses, we're finding that more and more of our devices ... Continue reading

Microcontrollers for Educators 2017

Spots for this class are filling up fast. Less than 10 spots remaining. Sign up Today! As we move into February, spring break is right around the corner, and many teachers are starting to think about ... Continue reading

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