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Expanding the RVR

If you couldn’t tell by our recent blog post topics, we’re pretty excited about all of the new robotics kits that are coming out. The SparkFun RVR expansion kits are no exception. The kits increase ... Continue reading

Introducing AI to the Classroom

BY Hailey Blessing 11/5/19 6:45 AM


We’ve covered some great introductory options to robotics, and discussed reasons why robotics is beneficial for your students, but where do you go when your students are already fairly skilled? The ... Continue reading

Win a Robotics Bundle for Your School

We’re very excited about the release of Sphero’s new RVR (and our expansion kits, of course) and want to share that excitement with 5 lucky schools. Each winning school will receive a Robotics Bundle ... Continue reading

The Learning Benefits of Having Students Build Their Own Robots

I think it’s safe to say if you’re reading this blog, we can agree on some level that robotics is pretty cool. However, cool doesn’t necessarily justify adding it to your curriculum or getting ... Continue reading

Help Us, Help You: Educator Survey

BY Hailey Blessing 10/3/19 6:21 AM


We want to hear from you! We released a brief survey (10 minutes or less) so we can fine-tune our content and make sure we’re sending you relevant information. We want to hear about what topics ... Continue reading

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