Choosing the Best Microcontroller for Machine Learning

BY Megan Hemmings 9/8/20 6:23 AM
While 2020 forced many conference to go virtual, one of the unexpected benefits has been the ability for more people to access the presentations. Especially when the conference decides to publicly ... Continue reading

Combining the Power of NVIDIA Jetson Nano and Sphero RVR

BY Megan Hemmings 8/11/20 6:36 AM


After creating the SparkFun Advanced Autonomous kit for the Sphero RVR last year, we couldn't help but wonder what else we could do to bring more power and functionality to the Sphero RVR. That line ... Continue reading

What is a Transistor?

Honored with a spot on IEEE’s Milestone’s list, transistors changed the world of electronics, making smaller and cheaper electronics possible. Even though they control just about every modern ... Continue reading

Remote Learning with the micro:bit: A Programming Deep Dive

In our first webinar around remote learning with the micro:bit, we introduced you to the micro:bit and different formats, platforms and content to use while teaching remotely with the micro:bit.... Continue reading

Teaching Programming and Computer Science Through Remote Instruction

The Covid-19 pandemic has left educators reeling and has thrown us into a new paradigm with our students. We have never been challenged to deliver quality education to each and every student as we ... Continue reading

What is The Basic Measure of Electricity?

Everything worth measuring has a unit of measurement associated with it. In the US, we use inches and feet to measure how tall something is, pounds and ounces to measure how much something weighs and ... Continue reading

Home Learning Resources

Have you suddenly found yourself facing the reality that school's won't be opening back up this school year? Are you concerned that your student's are missing out on valuable learning opportunities? ... Continue reading

Qwiic Comes to micro:bit

BY Megan Hemmings 3/3/20 6:48 AM


If you’ve been paying attention to what we’re doing on the SparkFun main site, you may have noticed how excited we are about our Qwiic ecosystem. We’re even more excited to announce that our Qwiic ... Continue reading

SparkFun's Community Partnership Program

Did you know SparkFun offers a Community Partnership Program? Through this program, we provide hardware donations to students, hobbyists, philanthropists and entrepreneurs to support their work. Our ... Continue reading

Inspiring Women of Computer Science, Part 2

A while back, we did a post on some of the most influential women of computer science. Since a list like that is never truly complete, we wanted to take some time to reflect on a few more women who ... Continue reading

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