Bring Computer Science to Your Class with 14 Week micro:bit Curriculum

We understand that adding computer science into the classroom can be a hard and daunting task, especially when you have so many standards to teach already - who has the time!? Through a recent partnership with Adams 12 Five Star Schools in Adams County, Colorado, we are happy to say that at least some of that burden has now been lifted. The wonderful curriculum team at the Five Star District developed a 14-week curriculum for middle school students based on the micro:bit and they have agreed to share it with you.

students learning about micro:bit

Anna Otto, the Computer Science & Online Learning Coordinator at Five Star Schools, was tasked with creating a full K-12 learning progression around computer science in the district. She knew that she wanted to use the micro:bit but needed help with added accessories and aligning them to CSTA standards. So, she recruited SparkFun to aide in her efforts and, together, along with the help of many members of her curriculum team, we are able to share the curriculum and kits with you.

View the Kit Used by Adams 12 Five Star Schools

If you are interested in learning more about this project, feel free to check out the video below. You can also read more about our partnership with the district and find the curriculum here.

Explore the 14-Week micro:bit Curriculum

If you are attending ISTE or CSTA this year, be sure to check out our co-presentations with the Five Star District team around their district implementation and how to learn how to do it in your own.

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