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Ladies of Computer Science

BY Megan Hemmings 6/8/17 6:51 AM
For young women and girls, female role models in STEM professions can increase their desire to pursue STEM careers. One study found that girls do better on science tests when their textbooks include ... Continue reading

Getting started with the micro:bit

We’re excited to be offering the micro:bit, so to celebrate we created a few video tutorials to help you get started using and programming the micro:bit with the online Microsoft MakeCode block ... Continue reading

Maker Education Survey Results

BY Megan Hemmings 4/18/17 8:20 AM

Maker Education

Last year, we conducted a survey of your opinions on maker education. Today, we wanted to share the results of that survey with you. Check out the infographic below to see some of the results of K–12 ... Continue reading

Adventures in (Computer) Science!

For this installment of "Adventures in Science," we’re taking a look at a few computer science topics, including: what a compiler does (in a broad scope), what is meant by sequential programming, and ... Continue reading

Funding Your Makerspace: Grant Writing Tips

BY Megan Hemmings 3/23/17 6:53 AM

makerspace funding

In today’s environment, many grants are highly competitive. These tips will help you craft a creative, well-reasoned application that can stand out from the crowd.... Continue reading

Announcing the Micro:bit, the Microcontroller You Never Knew You Needed

Today we have some really exciting news: we are now pre-selling the micro:bit, allowing United States educators a chance to implement this easy-to-use hardware platform in their classrooms.... Continue reading

Adventures in Science: How to Use Common Electrical Engineering Tools

There are a number of tools students should know how to use when delving into electronics. The most recent additions to our “Adventures in Science” video series walk viewers through using some of the ... Continue reading

Introducing the SparkFun Education Blog

BY Megan Hemmings 2/21/17 3:03 PM


Welcome to the new SparkFun Education blog! Here we will discuss the importance of teaching electronics and coding, as well as ideas for implementing maker education in the classroom.... Continue reading

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