Video Series: Get Started with SparkFun gator:boards and Easily Expand micro:bit's Capabilities

A few weeks ago, we announced a series of webinars around our newest ecosystem for the micro:bit, the SparkFun gator:boards. These boards were developed in conjunction with schools district in order to drive student engagement and provide an easy way to expand the functionality of the micro:bit.

While filming these webinars, we ran into a few technical problems (weather and internet related), making it impossible to fully deliver the second installment live and forcing us to postpone.

For your viewing pleasure, we’d like to finally share all three installments with you.

If you’d like to learn more about how to easily expand micro:bit’s capabilities through alligator clip connections and sensors, these videos are for you.

Introduction to the gator:boards Ecosystem

In this intro video, Derek introduces the gator:board ecosystem of components and discusses the value they can bring to educators and students alike. Start here if you have little to no prior knowledge of the gator:board ecosystem.

Simple Circuits with gator:boards

In part 2, Derek explores simple circuits using the SparkFun gator:circuit Kit to demonstrate a simple diorama project perfect for social studies classes. This video is perfect for those looking for simple expansions for micro:bit in order to add lights, buttons, switches and more.

Science exploration with gator:science

In part 3, Derek explores the SparkFun gator:science Kit and demonstrates a few simple ways to incorporate the gator:science sensors into trusted experiments such as an egg drop. This video is perfect for middle school science teachers looking to bring data collection to life for their students.

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