Unexpected Jobs That Use Computer Science

While not all students will end up pursuing careers in computer science, it is still be a good idea for all students to learn the basics. More and more seemingly unrelated careers are now using basic computer science principles to be more effective. Known as “hybrid jobs,” these jobs may not specifically require a degree in computer science, but they definitely require some basic skills and knowledge.

Below are some of the varied and unexpected positions we found that require computer science knowledge and skills.

Fashion Designer

fashion designer

While those who dream of being a fashion designer may have images of sketching out designs on paper and watching them come to life, reality is a bit more computer oriented these days. Fashion designers use computer science skills to model clothing and ensure the correct drape on the body without having to build a lot of test designs. Additionally, once the design is finalized, analysis on the cost of materials used, labor and more are factored together to determine the final price of each garment.

Video Game Environmental Scanner

While video games are well known uses of computer science skills, an often overlooked piece of video game design is the environment the game is set in. In order to make video game scenery realistic, companies employ environmental scanners whose job it is to survey and photograph a location and then process the data and turn it into something useful for game design.

Music Journalist

music data

For those who want to be on the front lines of trendy, computer science is an essential skill to have in the music industry. By mining data, it is possible to find trends before they happen and discover the next hot artist well before their big break.

Sports Analysts

Sports are games of data these days, with many teams relying on statistical analysis to determine everything from the best play to draft analysis and more. By taking a dive into the numbers, sports analysts are able to determine probabilities of success for their team, which can lead to game-changing decision making.

Other Jobs

For every job out there that is openly being transformed by computer science, there are many others that are being transformed in much more subtle ways. Even when a job does not specifically require or call for computer science skills, you never know when they may come in handy, as one judge learned. When a high profile case centered around a few lines of code hit his docket, Judge William Alsup was able to use the knowledge gained from years of tinkering with code in his free time to help decide the case, proving that you never know when computer science can come in handy.

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