Summer Vacation 101: Prepping for Back-to-School the SparkFun way!


 1. Get inspired - Attend a summer conference

SparkFun at a conference

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Get up to date on the newest products available for your school; hear about what other teachers are doing in their classrooms; attend a hands-on session. Collaboration with peers from around the world will get those creative juices flowing, making planning for the coming fall a breeze.

SparkFun will be attending the following summer conferences:


2. Start learning - Participate in a Professional Development workshop 

SparkFun Classroom


Expand your skill set and earn yourself some continuing education credits. SparkFun offers an awesome, five-day workshop that covers everything from the Processing programming language, to the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Arduino, to the LilyPad e-textiles line, the Micro:Bit Inventor’s Kit, the SparkFun RedBot robotics platform and much more! Learn how to incorporate electronics in your classroom by creating lesson plans with the help of experienced instructors and other teachers!

Attend a Microcontrollers for Educators: Implementing Computer Science in the Classroom workshop:


Microcontrollers for Educators


3. Challenge yourself - tinker with a kit containing hardware that is new to you.

Child tinkering with a kit


Maybe you are very comfortable in the realm of basic circuitry, or maybe you are a whiz when it comes to sewable electronics - we all have our specialties. Summer is a great time to experiment with new hardware and concepts to get you out of your comfort zone. Expanding your base knowledge will make you a more valuable resource for your students.

Check out some of our favorite starter kits:


Check out our kits!


4. Put your new skills to the test - join a maker/hackerspace 

woman with a drill

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Gain access to a whole slew of new tools to help inform what you might need for your school. Before investing in a pricy 3D printer, laser cutter or CNC machine, test one out to see if it makes sense in your classroom and in your budget.

Find a Makerspace Near You


5.Tech up your summer reading list


summer reading list


Hanging in a hammock on a tropical beach, kicking your feet up at your campsite after a day hike, or working on your tan in your grandmother’s retirement center pool? If you're in a vacation-reading zone, why not make it educational?

Here are some of SparkFun’s favorites:


See our Books


6. Margaritas and tacos! Don't forget the fun stuff (or sunscreen)! 



What do you do over the summer to prepare for class? Share in the comments!



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