Science Fair Project Ideas

Science fair season is upon us, so we’re taking a look at some exciting science fair project ideas from around the web.

Paper Circuit Art

Flower Paper CircuitPhoto Credit: Science Buddies

Combine art and science with this paper circuit art project that explores the conductivity of different materials to create an electrifying piece of artwork. From copper tape to conductive paint to regular pencil lead, there are many different materials that can be used to light up an LED. Explore which ones work best and what type of battery they require with this fun project.

Sensor Accuracy Test


This project uses robots to test the accuracy of light and touch sensors. An easy twist would be to test out other sensors (sound, anyone?) as well as to try multiple tests with each sensor.

Electronic Soil Moisture Sensor

Watering a lawnPhoto Credit: Aqua Mechanical

Anyone who uses sprinklers knows how frustrating it can be to see the sprinklers turn on right after it rains, or worse, while it is raining. This soil moisture sensor project will help you determine if grass or plants need watering or not. Take it a step further and turn it into an Internet of Things (IoT) project by connecting it to the sprinkler timer or programming it to send a text when watering is needed.

Build a Better Speed Trap



Transportation authorities in cities around the world often conduct surveys to see how many cars travel a certain road or how fast they are going. With this project, it’s possible to create a speed trap for toy cars using a light sensor. From there, it’s possible to test different variations such as how the track layout affects speed or which cars travel the fastest.

Build a Dancing Robot

Dancing Trash Robot

Turn your trash into a dancing robot. Test out different programming options to find out what gives your robot the best dance moves or try building the robot in different ways to make the motor spin the best.

What’s the most exciting science fair project you’ve seen lately? Let us know in the comments below.

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