5 Projects to Make With Your Students Using Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a great tool for teaching students both physical computing and programming. A powerful microprocessor, Raspberry Pi can be used for anything from building your own computer to creating fun Internet of Things (IoT) projects. And best of all, it’s relatively inexpensive! In honor of Pi Day, here are some fun project ideas to get you and your students started with the RPi.


Raspberry Pi 3 board


1. Build a Bug Habitat

bug habitat with raspberry pi

Photo credit: Allen Heard

This project takes the challenge of building an insect habitat one step further by using electronics to measure which habitat the captured insect prefers. Using a Raspberry Pi and camera module, it becomes possible to spy on the insect without disturbing it.

2. Make Your Own Drum Set

Who doesn’t love making music with kitchen utensils? Using a Raspberry Pi and a few alligator clips, it becomes possible to turn everyday objects (like measuring cups) into musical instruments.

3. Start Your Day With a Smart Mirror

 smart mirror

Photo Credit: Max Braun

"Magic mirror on the wall"...who is the smartest one of all? Start your day off right by finding out the temperature, getting the morning news, enjoying a motivational message and more just by looking in the mirror! These projects (there are actually six variations) guide you through creating your own mirror that can deliver whatever information you desire while you get ready for your day.

4. Design an Automated Greenhouse

Growing plants in a greenhouse can be super rewarding, but there are so many elements that must be considered — temperature, moisture levels and more  that it can become overwhelming. Take the guesswork out of greenhouse growing by automating the whole system. Then watch your plants thrive!

5. Build Your Own Supercomputer

raspberry pi super computer

Photo Credit: University of Southampton 

One of the most popular uses for a Raspberry Pi is to build a personal computer. So, why not take that one step further and build a supercomputer by connecting a bunch of Raspberry Pi boards together with LEGO® pieces?

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