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Beyond the SIK Guidebook: Digital Vote Counter

BY Melissa Felderman 9/13/18 6:27 AM


SparkFun's latest and greatest SparkFun Inventor's Kit (v 4.0) (SIK) is an incredible tool for educators to bring physical computing into the classroom. Many schools invest in this kit because it ... Continue reading

One Cool Project to Adapt to the Classroom for Design Thinking

A few teachers have recently asked me about ways to engage students with digital fabrication tools like the 3D printer and laser cutter. Many schools have invested in these tools but the curriculum ... Continue reading

3 ISTE 18 Trade Show Gems

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Chicago. I spent time chatting with educators from all over the country ... Continue reading

5 Lessons Learned While Teaching My First Arduino Course

This past spring I had the pleasure of teaching a course at CU Boulder called ‘Objects.’ For all intents and purposes, the class was an intro to Arduino class, in which we focused on four concepts, ... Continue reading

Making Customized, 3D-printed Cookie Cutters

 ... Continue reading

Five E-sewing Project Templates for your School’s Makerspace

 ... Continue reading

5 Creative Technology Undergrad Programs Your Students Should Know About

BY Melissa Felderman 2/20/18 6:31 AM
As programmable electronics become more widespread in schools, students are becoming interested in pursuing creative technology in college studies and beyond. The academic field of Creative ... Continue reading