Adventures in Science: Autonomous Vehicles

In honor of the wonderful world of robotics, and the upcoming SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition in October, we’re taking a look at a few advanced robotics topics that are helpful when building ... Continue reading

Getting started with the micro:bit

We’re excited to be offering the micro:bit, so to celebrate we created a few video tutorials to help you get started using and programming the micro:bit with the online Microsoft MakeCode block ... Continue reading

Adventures in (Computer) Science!

For this installment of "Adventures in Science," we’re taking a look at a few computer science topics, including: what a compiler does (in a broad scope), what is meant by sequential programming, and ... Continue reading

Adventures in Science: How to Use Common Electrical Engineering Tools

There are a number of tools students should know how to use when delving into electronics. The most recent additions to our “Adventures in Science” video series walk viewers through using some of the ... Continue reading

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