The SparkFun micro:bit Ecosystem Story

Here at SparkFun Education, we are incredibly passionate about bringing physical computing to students at any age. From introducing first graders to circuits and electricity through paper circuits through helping college students build a project for their capstone class, we believe everyone should have the chance to at least give physical computing, electronics and coding a try.

We know that in practice, this can be challenging for school districts. With so many students at different ages and levels of knowledge, it can be difficult to find a single technology that can work for all students.

Our ultimate goal is to provide product ecosystems that a student could start with in early elementary and use all the way through their senior year of high school. This simplifies learning goals, aligning them across grades and schools, and builds technical skills and abilities rather than students getting stuck on a seesaw of programming languages and hardware.

SparkFun Presents the micro:bit Roadshow

We spent last week (and today) on the road in San Jose, CA, Chicago, Il, and Hillsboro, OR talking to district leaders about how micro:bit can be used throughout an entire district, starting in 4th grade all the way through high school.

At each event, we were joined by amazing educators from Adams 12 Five Star Schools in Colorado and Beaverton School District in Oregon who shared their story of how they are using micro:bits in their schools.



For anyone who wants to learn more about how micro:bit can be used across their entire district, we will be hosting a webinar on April 11 at 5pm ET and one more in person event in Austin, TX on April 2. We hope you can join us.

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